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How to Recover Phone Contacts Using Telegram

Another App that syncs all your contacts to their database is Telegram.

This is why you can use it for your contact recovery when needed.

If you have used telegram in your android phone before without turning off contacts sync. Then you don’t have to bother about getting back your contacts whenever you buy a new phone.

Because Telegram stores your contacts for you. That is why they are able to notify you whenever your friends are back on the App even after deleting their contacts from your phone.

Below is the way you can get back your synced phone numbers from telegram.

Steps to Download Your Contacts From Telegram Database

1. The first thing to do is to download the desktop version of the App on your computer that is If you don’t have it. To download one for your PC, click here.

2. After setting up the App on your system, then click on the hamburger menu icon by the top left. Then the menu list will appear as shown below.

telegram menu image

3. Then click on Settings

telegram setting image

4. Then select Advanced on your settings menu list


5. Then select Export Telegram Data, and a new menu will appear.

6. Make sure that only the Contacts list and Human-readable HTML options are selected. Scroll to the bottom to check that. You can also include other options if you want.

7. Then click on Export

8. Telegram will send you a confirmation message to your telegram on phone. Open the message and select Allow to download your data immediately. Or alternatively, you can wait for 24hours and your data will be ready for download too.

9. Then go back to your desktop App and repeat steps 2 to 7 above again. Then you will now see the result below when you will click on Export.

10. Now select  SHOW MY DATA  and it will take you to the folder where telegram saved your downloaded contact file. On the folder, you will see things esport_results HTML file shown below.

Folder image for telegram downloaded file

Double click on the HTML file to see all your contacts.

How to Delete Your Synced Contacts From Telegram Database

To delete your already stored contacts from telegram. You can do that using your mobile App.

Simply go to the hamburger menu icon on your telegram mobile App.

Then Scroll down to Settings and select it. Then on the settings menu list, select Privacy and Security. Scroll down until you see the contacts section. Then click on Delete Synced Contacts to delete all your stored contacts on the telegram database.

telegram contact sync delete

Remember also to turn off sync contacts button to avoid future contact sync.

As I keep saying; always be mindful of the information you store on your phone books. As some apps you don’t Know might be uploading your contacts to their database.

You can also check my post here on how to Recover your contacts using Facebook.


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