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Tails Operating System: This is Why You Need It

tails operating system

The Tails operating system (OS) is a free portable operating system that helps its users avoid surveillance, censorship, advertising, and viruses. Tails is designed for privacy protection. The surveillance, censorship, virus, and privacy protection features of Tails are very important,…

Raspberry Pi: How To Turn Your Television into a Personal Computer for Kids

convert ypur television to personal computer using raspberry pi
If you consider the number of time children spend in front of the television watching cartoons or movies, then it will be of great benefit if you convert the television into a personal computer for them. This might help to divert their interest to gain some technological skill. Having computer skills is now a necessity in our world today. Digitalization has taken over a lot of things. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to introduce your children to tech skills early enough. In this article, I will share some cost-effective tools you can use to introduce your children to computer programming, automation, electronics, or software application usage skills.

How To Listen to Your Friends Phone Calls on Your Phone: Call Tapping Prevention

phone call tapping
Phone call tapping is listening secretly to people's conversations on their phones. A greater percentage of call tapping is activated on our phones by those we are in a relationship with and not always by hackers. Due to technological advancements, cheating in a relationship for both marital and dating has changed dimension. Social media and mobile devices have made starting and maintaining a cheating relationship less physical and difficult to detect. Therefore, this difficulty in detection has also made many partners anxious to learn more about their partner's activities on their phone. So, this article is to show you ways people do call tapping and how you can detect and prevent them.

How to Watch and Download YouTube Videos Without Ads For Free

watch YouTube video without advert
Are you tired of seeing ads while watching YouTube videos? Have you been looking for a way you can download a YouTube video to your device and share it offline? Is your privacy your concern; do you want to avoid your activities on YouTube to be tracked and monitored by Google? Do you wish to extract audio from a YouTube music video and play it on your phone offline? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then this post is for you.

EXIF Data: Make Sure You Read This Before You Take Next Picture With Your Phone

Exif data
If you are someone that loves taking pictures with your phone camera, then you need to know what EXIF data is all about. When you understand what it means that photos are data, then you will have to protect them. Your photo in the hands of an enemy can be used for a different purpose. It can be used for online impersonation, target identification, character deformation, etc. Aside from that, picture shots took with our phones also collect and expose some pieces of metadata that can go against our privacy.

How to Lock Your SIM Card and Why You Should Lock Your SIM Card Now

Misplacing or losing our mobile device to theft is a very common situation to experience. So, we must make access to data on our device as difficult as possible when lost. Before now, locking our SIM card with a PIN was simply to protect the SIM card. But today, it is no longer the SIM we protect, but we are also protecting our bank account and our online accounts. Our SIM card is now at the helm of our online security. With the advent of text two-factor authentication, USSD banking, and OTP security, a lot of power has been given to our SIM card to the extent that whoever is holding the SIM is automatically assumed to be the owner of any account the number on the SIM is attached to.

How to Install Free VPN on Your Android Phone

Free VPN for Android
In order to avoid exposing your public IP address to every place on the internet, having a VPN is very important. Without a VPN, it is easy for a bad actor to steal your public IP address and use it for malicious purposes. With your public IP address, a bad actor can exploit vulnerabilities on your network. In this post we will discuss how you can download a secure free open source VPN for your android device.

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