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How Hackers Steal Pictures, Contacts, and Passwords From Your Phone-Google Backup

As our activities online increase, our ability to keep track of our passwords and other details become very difficult. Google backup is one tool we use in making this task easy for us.

As our activities online increase, our ability to keep track of our passwords and other details becomes difficult. Google backup is one tool many uses to keep track of their contact details and passwords.

Whenever you see yourself no longer bothering about typing in your password before accessing an account on your device. Then it is obvious Google or another password manager is doing the job of saving it for you.

Google password manager is a cool tool, but it is a dangerous one when you don’t have a secure or protected Google account.

Another Google backup tool we mostly use is the Google contact manager and Google photos. Due to the increase in the number of phone contacts, using physical books to backup our contacts is now tiring as restoring them back to our devices will be daunting. For this reason, many have resorted to one-click and auto-sync backup tools like Google contact manager for solutions.

Many also backup their pictures for easy recovery. But one thing to remember always about ease of access is that it is prone to security flaws. With the following URLs, hackers can access those stored data outside your device your phone, or computer when your Gmail account is not secure.

URL Where Hackers Can Steal Your Saved Passwords From Google Backup

Passwords saved on Google password manager are accessible outside your device using your Gmail account.

To access your stored passwords outside your device, simply visit the website on your browser or click here. Remember to log in to your Gmail account when required.

So, if a bad actor steals your email account login details, they can steal your stored passwords by performing the same actions above.

One feature Google password manager has is the ease for you to export and download your passwords in a file format.

To do that, you will only have to click on the gear icon and select the Export Passwords option as shown below;

  • google password export
  • password manager

URL to Locate Your Saved Contacts In Your Google Backup

In the same way, you can access your password from other devices, you can as well access your backed-up contacts.

To access your contacts from Google backup, simply visit the website on any browser or click here. Remember to log in with your Gmail account details when required.

You can as well export your saved contacts into a CSV file as you did with your password.

To do that, you will only have to click on the hamburger menu icon and select the Export option as shown below;

URL to Access Photos and Documents Backedup Using Google backup or Drive

The same way a hacker with your Gmail account login details can access your passwords and contacts outside your device, they can also see the photos you stored on your phone using Google photos and also the documents on your Google drive. This can be bad for those that carry their nude picture on their device.

With the following URLs hackers can get access to your pictures and documents outside your device; and

Don’t use any of these Google backup products if you are not sure of your Google account security. Sometimes, most people use these tools without their knowledge and they are always on auto synch. Uploading their contacts and pictures without their conscious consent.

Remember, anyone that can log in to your Google email address can as well copy out your backed-up data.

Therefore, protecting your email address should be your ultimate concern if you use any of the Google backup tools.

To learn more about your google account security and how to secure your Google account, read my post on the topic here.


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