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6 Social Engineering Countermeasures

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One of the most common means through which people get hacked these days is through social engineering. Knowing fully well that humans are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. Most cyber-attacks today are designed to leverage human weakness in its delivery. Despite the amount of security apparatus put in place for your system or endpoints. If the people using it are not following good cybersecurity hygiene necessary for its protection it will still be hacked.

How to Know If You Have Been Hacked

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Despite how cyber conscious you are, there may be times when you get hacked owing to some little mistakes. An unsuspected mistake of allowing your WhatsApp or Telegram to auto-download images or attachments might make you susceptible to hacks or breaches without you knowing. Remember, it is not even a question of whether we will get hacked or not; rather, it a question of when and how often it will happen. Being able to identify breaches early when they happen helps us to kick hackers out of our system fast or limit their access once we notice their presence.

5 Two-Factor Authentication Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Enabling two-factor authentication for your account is not enough, you also need to avoid these five mistakes. Two-factor Authentication is one way you can harden the security of your online accounts. It is also an easy way you can be locked permanently out of your online accounts if done with mistakes. It is very much advisable that you turn on two-step authentication in all the social media platforms and online accounts you use that supports it. But before you do so, please make sure you finish reading this post. This post is for those who are yet to set up two-factor authentication for their accounts and those that have done so.

Website Security Scan-How to Check if a Website is Safe

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A website security scan is one thing you should do whenever you are having a doubt about the security of a website you intend to visit. Especially when you intend to download a music file, video, PDF file, applications, etc from the website. Running a website security scan will help protect you from poisoned websites that automatically send malware to a user's device when it's visited. It can also protect users from drive-by downloads. Drive-by downloads are the software a user download without knowing the full consequences of what they are doing. A website security scan doesn't only protect users. It is also a good tool for website owners and vendors. It will help you to know the security status of your website. Thereby giving you a hint on whether your website had been compromised or not.

How You Get Hacked- Cybersecurity 101

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One basic cybersecurity fact you should know is that hackers are not magicians. No hacker gains access to your computer without being granted access either through your activities, ignorance, or some of your basic cybersecurity mistakes. There are five basic Cybersecurity ways through which we get initially compromised. Whether it is an organization or an individual, most of the hacking we experience originates from one of these five ways;

How You Get Hacked Even With Your Strong Password-Security Vulnerability

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One way hackers can get at you is through the security vulnerability in the operating system or applications you use. Time has passed when all you need to enjoy adequate cybersecurity is just to keep your username and password safe. We are in a time and season where security vulnerabilities that come with the operating systems or applications we use are enough for an attacker to hack us. Vulnerability is simply a flaw in software or hardware design or the underlying programming code that allows a bad actor to make the affected system do something that wasn't intended.

Online Security-Five Common Internet Mistakes You Should Avoid

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You cannot focus on one side of your online security and achieve adequate security. We are just as secure as our weakest link. For instance; Ignoring the security of the email address connected to your bank account is as well as ignoring the security of your bank account. Most times it is through the weak links that hackers get at us. Through those areas where we have lowered the guard of our security. Knowing what we should protect is a very important aspect of our internet security.

8 Cyber Security Tips For Small Businesses

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As a new business owner exploring the online space; It is always easy to think that cyber security is not for you. People usually ask the question, what do I have that hackers will target me? Why should I worry about cyber security when I don't have a dime in my bank account? Limiting cyber attack surface to only the money in our bank account is a myopic way to look at cyber security. Ignoring cyber security can cost businesses more than the money in their bank account. Cyber attacks can take companies out of business.

Social Media Posts That Can Worsen Your Online Security

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Social Media is one tool many use, but only a few consider the security implication of their activities on the platform. Sometimes, harmless posts we make on our social media walls might be the right data a hacker had been waiting for to execute an attack at us. A comment made on your post by a friend might give a clue to a scammer on how to address you when they cold call you.

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