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Incognito Mode – When to Use it and Why

Incognito mode is a browsing mode that helps you to keep your Internet searches private on a device.

In the world of Internet security, maintaining both local and online privacy is very important. Incognito mode is one tool that is there to help in handling your local privacy while searching the Internet.

What is incognito mode?

Incognito mode is a browsing mode that helps you to keep your Internet searches private on a device.

It helps you to prevent the browser from keeping track of your browsing history, cookies, or information you entered in a form.

The major goal of this mode is to prevent another user from tracking your activities after you might have long gone.

Browsing using normal browser mode allows the browser to store your browsing history, cookies, and form information. This makes it possible for anyone that uses the browser after you to track your activities.

When to use Incognito mode?

This is important when you want to go undercover while browsing.

You might want to go undercover for some reasons;

Maybe because you are using a device that is not your own.
Also, maybe you want to access the same website as a fresh user on the same device.

Remember, incognito mode does not hide your identity from the websites you visit or on the Internet. It only protects you from the people going to use the device after you.

How to turn it on

Most major modern browsers have an incognito mode feature. The way you turn it on depends on the browser type you use.

For chrome users both PCs and mobile :

Simply click on the browser menu icon (that is the three vertical dots) on the top right corner.
Then on the list of menu options, select New incognito tab.
This will launch a new separate incognito tab for you. You can then start your undercover browsing.

chrome incognito mode
chrome incognito mode

For Microsoft Edge Users:

Click on the menu icon (that is the three horizontal dots) by the top right corner of the browser window. Then on the menu list that appears, select New InPrivate Window. A new incognito tab will open for you.

Despite some arguments on the level of privacy one can get from this feature and how browsing history is been stored by Windows PC while on the mode. Incognito mode remains an option when in use of a device that is not your own.

Remember, 100% privacy is not guaranteed with this private mode. Simple command-line commands like ipconfig /displaydns can be used to reveal your search history after using this mode on windows. You can also clear your tracks by using another command ipconfig /flushdns too if on windows.

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