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What To Do Before Selling Your Old Phone

Before you blame attackers, who did you sell your used old phone to?

Before you blame attackers, who did you sell your used old phone to?

Selling our used phones has become the norm for many people. But after reading this post, you should be careful whom you sell or give your used phone to, especially when you have some serious data to protect?

I included giving because those to whom you gave your phone as a gift might as well decide to sell it to someone else too.

The question now is, what should I do before selling or giving out my phone?

The smart ones will always reset their phone to factory settings before giving it out for sale.

But the question still remains, how far can this protect you?

The unlucky ones or the novices will always focus on deleting their pictures, contacts and logging out of their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Most people forget to log out of their Google account.

One thing we forget so quickly is that we have been telling the browser to remember or save our password and Google to back up our data for one-touch login.

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You know we are in a generation where everything is difficult, including remembering passwords.

We all need quick access and we end up giving quick access to malicious users.

Despite the fact that factory reset is the superior way to go before selling your phone,

It does not totally erase your data.

With some special software that most people can buy, everything that was erased from your device can be restored, including your login details.

Remember, there is still a superior way to erase your data before selling your phone that can protect you from dangerous users.

But it is beyond the scope of this post.

Always be mindful of how or whom you give or sell your old device.

Always remember….

My goal is to awaken your mind.

Be serious about your data protection. We are in an era of data and information.

You should also be careful about buying fairly used devices, as bad actors do add payloads before selling. Remember to factory reset fairly used device as you buy them.

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