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Free Google Tools You Need For Your Business Online

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If your main problem as a small business owner is how you can make Google to list your business name when people search on Google. Or maybe you have been wanting to get a website for your business, but you can't afford one for now. There is a Google tool that can help you achieve this same goal for your business without spending a penny. It will make your business name to appear when people are searching for services related to your business on google in your location.

Html: Quick Guide

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Learning how to write Html codes should not be difficult if you approach it using the right learning strategy. In this post, we are going to use the easiest approach possible to help you become html ninja in a short possible time. Learning Html code can be narrowed down to mean learning html tags(elements) and attributes.

How to Create a Website : Developers Guide

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Web development is one skill that will continue to maintain its relevance over time. Even with the advent of many easy to use tools for creating websites like WordPress, Wix, Google site, etc. The knowledge of web development will continue to be in demand. As cyber-attacks grow on a regular basis, being ignorant of what is happening when your company's or business website or App is created is now a costly risk.

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