fake Whatsapp or text messages conversations

How to Identify Fake WhatsApp or Text Message Conversations

Every internet user should be conscious of fake WhatsApp or text message conversations.

Every internet user should be conscious of fake WhatsApp or text message conversations.

How would you react if someone sent you a screenshot of WhatsApp and a text message conversation about someone you love blackmailing them?

Will your instinct tell you to believe them immediately or scrutinize the screenshot before questioning the person involved? That is especially true when the conversation screenshot looks very real.

fake WhatsApp or text messages
Simulated WhatsApp Conversation

There are many websites where people can simulate WhatsApp and text message conversations with whomever they want and download or screenshot them.

These sites have features that allow the user to customize the device and message timing to make it look as accurate as possible. That implies that people can carefully craft fake bank alerts, customer reviews, or fake conversations with people they want to blackmail.

In this post, we will share two examples of those websites so you can experiment. Playing around with such websites will help you get used to how the screenshot looks and spot one when you come in contact with them.

Please remember that creating and distributing fake WhatsApp and text message chat conversations is illegal, and Confamtips is not responsible for what you decide to do with this information.

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Two examples of websites where fake WhatsApp and Text Message chat conversations can be simulated include:

1. IFakeTextMessage.com 

IFaketextmessages, as the name implies, simulate fake text message conversations. 

It is free to use, and you don’t have to sign up or create an account with them to use it.

With IFakeTextMessages, you can update the look of the simulated message conversation by changing the phone battery life, connection (like mobile network service provider), and settings (like the message device type). There is an option for you to screenshot or download the outcome of your simulation as an image, which you can share.

2. Fakewhats.com/generator

FakeWhats, on the other hand, is a website that can help one simulate a WhatsApp conversation. It is also free to use and requires no initial registration.

If you use it on your mobile phone, you might have to place your device in landscape mode to get the whole experience.

Similar to IFakeTextMessage, FakeWhats has four setting options. They include phone settings, battery options, connection, and message settings. These settings help one customize the look of the conversation. There is an option to download the simulated conversation as an image file.

How to Detect  Fake WhatsApp or Text Message Conversations

In the case where someone drops a screenshot or an image of their chat with someone, there are three ways you can try to confirm if they are genuine.

Through Attention to Details 

You need to know the original to identify the fake. Paying attention and being conscious of how the actual text messages and WhatsApp chats look on a phone will help you identify the fraud. Also, looking for mistakes and typographical errors.

Reverse Image Search 

A reverse image search will help you identify if such an image has been used elsewhere online. Your search may not lead you to the exact image, but it might as well help you identify people who may have had similar experiences with you in the hands of the scammer.

You can carry out such searches using google image search, tineye.com, etc. Upload the image on these websites, and they will carry out a reverse search on the image.

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Through the Image EXIF data 

Depending on how the image was shared with you, checking the image EXIF data will be the easiest way to identify where and how the scammer created the image.

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I said it depends on how the scammer shared the image because WhatsApp and other platforms remove Exif data from images shared through them.

Awareness of fake Whatsapp or text message conversation simulation helps support your cybersecurity awareness and new media literacy. Therefore, take it seriously.

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