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How to Recognize a Phishing Email or a Scam Email: A Working Guide

Phishing email and scam email
Phishing Email is one common way bad actors deliver their hacking tricks and weapons to capture their victims. Attacks like ransomware attacks, credentials harvesting attacks, or business email compromise attacks are in one way or the other delivered through a phishing email. A phishing email is a fake or bogus email that doesn't come from the sender it claims to come from. For instance, when a cybercriminal creates and sends you an email that looks similar to the ones you normally received from your bank or a company, but they are fake.

How WhatsApp Account Get Hacked

How WhatsApp is hacked
Many complain today of their WhatsApp account being hacked, but the question is; was your WhatsApp account really hacked? The fact is that your WhatsApp was never hacked. You were only tricked into giving out your WhatsApp account to an unauthorized third party. Hacking WhatsApp itself is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, even if it was done, your account won't be the only target.

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