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First Thing to do When you Loss Your ATM Card in Nigeria

Ways to Deactivate Your Lost ATM Card For Different Banks In Nigeria

In one of my posts, I wrote about the possibility of someone stealing money from your bank account with only the details on your ATM card without having to have your four-digit secret ATM pin.

Therefore, don’t, because the person with your ATM card doesn’t know your four-digit ATM code, and relax when you misplace your card. Your money can be withdrawn with or without your four-digit pin.

In this post, we are going to list some quick contacts from popular banks you can use to deactivate your ATM card when it is lost.

These codes will be helpful when you lose your ATM during the weekend and don’t have the opportunity to visit the bank immediately. Or when you are staying far away from your bank.

Therefore, if you by chance or mistake, misplaced your ATM card; the best thing to do is to use the code applicable to your bank as listed below to deactivate it.

Ways to Deactivate Your Lost ATM Card For Different Banks In Nigeria

1. For First Bank simply text BLOCK to code 30012 and your ATM will be deactivated. This works only on the phone number linked to your account. Also, you can perform the same action using your First Bank mobile App. Go to the Mobile app menu and look for the option to block your ATM.

2. For Fidelity Bank, simply type *770*911* Your phone number #, or
*770* your phone number # on any phone to deactivate your account or ATM.

3. For Union Bank simply text BLOCK CARD Your 10 digits account number to 20123.

4.For Zenith Bank simply dials *966*911# on any phone and follow the serve yourself steps.

5.For GT Bank simply dials *737*51*10# on the phone number registered to your account and follow the sever yourself steps and your ATM card will be deactivated.

6. Also, for UBA simply dial *919*10# or *919# and follow the serve yourself instruction.

7. For Eco Bank simply text STOP ATM your account number to 08063262265

8.  For Stabic IBTC text BLOCK CARD Your account number to 30909 or dial *909# and follow the serve yourself steps.

9.For Wema Bank text CARD ATM OFF to 33352 on a phone number linked to your account.

10. For Access Bank call 18005548969 or 18005583424

11. For Sterling Bank dial *822*19# or *822*911#

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In case your bank is not listed above, you can enquire from your bank the code or method they use. Also, visit your bank to confirm the code listed above before using it if you are in doubt.

Remember, these codes are just like first Aid treatment given to an injured person before taking him to the hospital, you will still have to visit your bank to confirm whether the deactivation worked or not.

Also, don’t hesitate when your ATM is lost or stolen to use the code or block it.

Also, you can deactivate your ATM card using your bank’s mobile app. This can be done under the card management settings, depending on your bank. You can directly call your account officer to do the same for you.

Therefore, it is good to know your bank’s customer care mail or phone number and even your account officer’s number and mail.

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