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Basic Internet Security Tips to Know

Despite the social media and the Internet being a nice tool for the exchange of information and data. Being security conscious when you are using them is one thing we can't take for granted.

Despite social media and the Internet being nice tools for the exchange of information and data, Being internet security conscious when you are using them is one thing that is very important.

Links are littered everywhere, begging for your clicks.

Websites are everywhere asking for your data.

Hacker are ever ready trying to steal your data.

So, knowing what to click on and what not to click is the starting point of your online security.

internet security tips

Do you know that websites with the Http://… domain protocol are not secure and are prone to exposing your data to hackers eavesdropping online, and that visiting a website with the https://… domain is more secure? Always consider this when you visit any website link.

Do you know that a mistake on one alphabet of a website address can direct you to the wrong website? Crosscheck the website address you entered before you log in with your data.

Do you also know that it is very risky to connect and browse with every unsecured WiFi you see? This can expose you to man-in-the-middle attacks by hackers. So learn to use your own secure or private WiFi while in a hotel or public places.

Do you know that some of the OMG fun games you do on Facebook can help hackers steal your data, like the ones that predict the type of cars or house you will have in the future? Avoid using your Facebook account details to log in to other websites.

Do you also know that it is risky to use the same password across several websites? This is because cracking one is as good as getting all.

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Be careful about the forms you fill online. It is not always advisable to fill in your genuine information on every website you visit. Watch the security of the website before you do so. Protect your information as much as you can.

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Remember, this era of Internet and mobile banking has made being careless about how you handle your online security a big risk.

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