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How Your Facebook Password Can Be Stolen

Many people misinterpret their Facebook account password being stolen, which means that the Facebook database has been hacked.

Many people misinterpret their Facebook account password being stolen, which means that the Facebook database has been hacked.

The truth is that, even if hackers log in into the Facebook database, they won’t be able to literally steal your password from there.

This is because Facebook hashes your password before saving it to their database. This implies that even if someone copies the hashed password, they will not be able to use it and access your account until they decrypt it.

With this in mind, before your Facebook account password can be stolen; it must definitely be by your own mistake. Below are ways your Facebook passwords can be stolen;

1. Through Phishing

It is not every webpage that looks like a Facebook website from them. Don’t enter your login details in pop-up windows that look exactly like Facebook while browsing. Always be mindful of the web address you visit. Don’t see a website like and start putting their login details.

Facebook’s official website is or

The difference between the first web address and the last two is that Facebook in the first is just a subdomain to

Adding your login details to a website without first confirming the website address is like dashing your login details to a hacker.

2. Use Of Keylogger

Another password-stealing technique is the use of keyloggers. What keyloggers does is trap your typed character as you type them and communicate them to whoever owns the keylogger App.

We have so many keyloggers out there. Most undercover tracking Apps use it to track users’ messages and dialed numbers.

One way to be Free from keylogger is to always delete Apps you see on your phone or computer that you are not the one that installed and that are not the default App on the phone or computer.  Also, by preventing your phone from installing App from an unknown source that is not your phone’s app store,.

Another way to know if there may be a keylogger running on your phone is when your phone gets hot unnecessarily even when you are not using it or your battery running down fast without you using the phone.

When you experience this, you need to restore your phone to factory settings, because there may be an underground App running on your phone.

3. Through Weak Passwords

Another password-stealing technique happens through weak passwords and exposing password-stealing hint to hackers.

If you used your phone number as your Facebook password, try as much you can to make your mobile number privacy settings “only me”. Don’t make it public, because that will be a hacker’s first try if you make it handy.

Also if you used your email address to create yoaccount, make sure you set its privacy settings to “only me” too; this is because if your email address is disabled due to your low access to the mail, a hacker can recreate the same email address and use it to receive your account access code and hijack your account.

There are many more possible means to steal users password on Facebook, you can drop yours on the comment box.

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