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Why is it your account that they hacked?

Why is it that, out of billions of Facebook users, it's your own account that was hacked? Or why is it that out of millions of email users, only your own was hijacked?

Why is it that, out of billions of Facebook users, it’s your own account that was hacked?

Or why is it that out of millions of email users, only your own was hijacked?

Sometimes we do think that there is a hacker somewhere who has been monitoring our Facebook or bank accounts just to hack them.

But, come to think of it, what benefit will your Facebook account bring be to the hacker? If you have an account that you have never made a dime from as the owner, what will be the benefit for the person putting resources into hacking it?

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The fact is that if the above thoughts are true, then it is only a security expert that can save you from your account being hacked. This is because when you are targeted by a hacker, it is a more serious type of hacking called Advanced Persistent Threat. Only investing huge resources in your security can save you.

The type of hackers most of us fall prey to these days are simply the script kiddies and they are of the majority.

What these types of hackers do is buy threat kits from skilled hackers and host them online, waiting for vulnerable users or security bugs to explore.

This implies that most times, it is not even a human that hacked your account, but a simple script written to perform that very action for people who behave as you do online.

Whenever your account is hacked online, it simply shows that your computer or phone is now vulnerable to hackers and requires some security patches.

You don’t only have to recover your account and relax, you also have to upgrade the security of your system.

The type of sites you visit or apps you use might be the reason your account was hacked.

If you use a website or app that has security bugs, it is always a great avenue for hackers to implant their own scripts into your system.

One attitude most people in developing countries are guilty of is the use of outdated apps. Most times, we ignore app update notifications as if they are enemies due to the high cost of data.

The fact is that app updates are not always just to add new features to the app; sometimes they improve the security patches of the application. Using outdated apps increases your vulnerability to hackers and security bugs.

Know the type of documents you open, the type of unsolicited email you read, and the type of link you click.

A porn or music download site you visit might be infected by a cross-site script.

Also, be very mindful of website redirect. Whenever you visit a website, watch the browser address bar to observe the changes on the address you entered.

If the website address you entered turns into another thing outside what you entered, then you are been redirected to a different location which might be a home for hackers scripts.

Always mind the type of online advert link you click. This is because we now have what we call malvertisement. This is an online advertisement infected by a virus.

The internet is no longer a play ground, but a place for serious business.

Don’t be too vulnerable to be hacked.


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